Data Strategy


A company without a data strategy is like a boat navigating in deep waters without a steering compass. A robust data strategy will help steer your organisation towards value  and profit generation.

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Analytics is a powerful tool that can generate valuable information. We embed Analytics in our solutions to turn your data into insights and ensure you can make well-informed decisions and take effective actions.

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Data Science


We provide a range of data science solutions tailored to your requirements, to help you leverage your data as assets, and turn them into actionable insights. From data engineering and mining to analytics and data visualisation, our priority is to answer your data needs and ensure your company becomes a data-ready and data-driven organisation.

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AI & Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly taking place in our everyday lives, and this is no different in business.  We have Machine Learning expertise and capability to help you design, develop and implement your own solutions using the latest Machine Learning algorithms and models. 

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About Us


We are a Data Consultancy with expertise in Data Science, Analytics, Data Strategy, and Machine Learning (AI). Our company was founded in 2016 by our CEO, Audrey Limery, a driven and ambitious Data Scientist & Strategist. We make it our mission is to guide you through your own data journey, and help you leverage data as assets, to turn your business into a data-ready and data-driven organisation. We provide data solutions tailored to your requirements, generating valuable insights allowing you to take effective actions and obtain positive results.

Our Approach


Our data blueprint, the LIMERY Framework (taking after the name of our founder) serves as a steering wheel for solutions implementation and can be adapted to most of the data projects we undertake.

Why Us?


We are passionate about data and we aim to get organisations ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution, ensuring they always have the best insights at their fingertips.

If you have a data challenge or need data expertise, contact us soon for an initial discussion.

Our Clients